How can I improve my child’s vocabulary?

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Many parents feel like vocabulary is something that can’t be taught. You either have it, or you don’t. Well, research says that’s not quite the case.

It turns out there are multiple ways to help make sure your children learn new vocabulary words and retain them for life. One of the best ways is by completing crossword puzzles.

How completing crossword puzzles will improve your child’s learning

How completing crossword puzzles will improve your child's learning

It also makes sense that crossword puzzles can be used as a learning tool because they need logical thinking and problem-solving. To complete a crossword puzzle, one has to think logically and infer from vocabulary clues. Therefore, these exercises will improve your child’s logical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Crossword Puzzles for Children

In addition to vocabulary improvement and logical thinking ability enhancement, completing crossword puzzles also helps the brain develop better hand-eye coordination. Your child starts figuring out vocabulary clues. They will start using their hands and eyes to search for the words on the page. Therefore, you can rest assured that completing crossword puzzles is a great brain development activity, too.

The last benefit of completing crossword puzzles is that it makes children feel competent and confident. If they complete a puzzle, they will walk away with a sense of accomplishment, making them want to complete more puzzles.

Puzzles, word searches and crosswords

These are all activities that help your child’s thinking juices to flow as they push your child. These are games that both adults and children can enjoy. However, if you’re up for an activity that you and your child can enjoy, this technique will help. This can also pair as a bonding time for the two of you, which is an extra plus!

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11 Plus vocabulary list

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Why crossword puzzles?

Crossword puzzle, goal

Puzzles are one of the numerous brain games your child can engage in to improve their vocabulary as they learn new words. Research shows a link between children who complete crossword puzzles and an increased rate of vocabulary acquisition. 

Of course, this isn’t a quick fix and will require some practice, but gradually your child will get a grasp of matching words to the meanings and vice versa. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. “What are the benefits?” you ask. Well, that’s what we’ll be going over next.

Benefits of crossword puzzles

Aside from helping your child improve their vocabulary, did you know that this exercise will put your child’s problem-solving skills? This is because the activity challenges them to think through what they already know and seek out the solution for new words they are unfamiliar with.

Persistence is another benefit of crossword puzzles. As we mentioned earlier, crossword puzzles sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills, and equally, your child will learn to persevere through tasks they find challenging to find solutions to. 

A bonus to this exercise is that your child is bound to learn at least one new word each time they complete a crossword puzzle.

Other brain games

Brain games are a great two in one activity as they allow your child to participate in an engaging activity and is an opportunity for them to learn. Most of the time, they will not be aware of this as it’s a game, but they will still reap the learning benefits. An example of brain games includes word searches, scrabble, bingo and jigsaw puzzles.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and you’ll be able to include crossword puzzles in your child’s learning at home. As you know, the long term benefits will put your child in a much better position with their literacy and word knowledge.

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