Geek School Tutoring is Still Open During the Second Lockdown

I don’t usually like to make posters along these lines, but clearly the UK and nations worldwide are going through unusual times.

For the avoidance of doubt, and to give a head’s up regarding the second lockdown, starting this Thursday 5th November 2020, as announced by the government during the weekend.

Geek School Tutoring will remain open during the lockdown, as the government has clearly outlined that this lockdown will not impact education providers or childcare.

Geek School Tutoring is Ofsted-registered, so we fall comfortably within both of those categories.

Safety of Students and Staff

As an extra precaution, all children will be required to wash their hands on entry to the vicinity.

Additionally, all surfaces will need to be cleaned at the beginning and the end of each session, as an additional precaution.

Temperature checks will continue to take place at the door, and any child who has a high temperature will not be able to attend their session on the premises, but will be allocated to the online equivalent for that week.

I hope that eases any concerns you may have, but please do let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards


Managing Director, Geek School Tutoring

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