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Free KS2 Maths and English LIVE Online Lessons

Free Key Stage 2 English LIVE Online Lessons

  • Are you worried that your child will fall behind during the Coronovirus lockdown?
  • Are you looking for online tuition that is interactive and will help your child stay on top of their English work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to ‘homeschool’ your child, with all the conflicting information out there?

Geek School Tutoring is offering a free English lesson every week, while schools are on lockdown.

There is no catch – don’t expect to be asked to pay for the lesson after a trial period, or be bombarded with calls or emails to upgrade to paid lessons, either (you can get in touch with us separately if you want to do this). At such a time as this, we all need to do what we can to help out!

No Recorded Videos

The lessons will not consist of pre-recorded videos, but live and interactive teaching, enabling children to ask and answer questions etc.

Get Started

All you need to do is book your child onto the class every week. You will be sent access details in your confirmation email, and an email and text reminder close to the lesson time.


This class is perfect for children in the current year 5 and 6. We are working on other courses for younger year groups, so please keep an eye out.

Lesson Day and Time

So that the children of key workers do not miss out, the lessons will be held at 5pm on Wednesdays, online.

Spread the Word

We really do want to help primary age children stay on top of their learning. Please share with your friends and relatives and school WhatsApp groups by copying the following words onto your social media accounts, WhatsApp messages etc:


I’ve found free online lessons for maths and English for Key Stage 2. Check it out and share with other parents who might need this:

Maths (https://calendly.com/geekschool/free-key-stage-2-maths-lessons-online); and

English (https://calendly.com/geekschool/free-key-stage-2-english-lessons-online).

Spread the word, too!