Does Your Child Need a Creative Writing Tutor?

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Some people think that the 11 plus exams are just a test about grammar and spelling, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The 11 plus is also an exam about creativity and imagination.

Your child needs to know how to produce work in different forms, such as a poem or a short story. They need to understand what makes a good essay for this exam, which isn’t always the same as what will make them stand out. This article will explain all of these things!

Girl with a tutor doing homework outside
Girl with a tutor doing homework outside

1. Why is creative writing so important for children

The 11 Plus exam is divided into several parts, but there are different types of questions within each section. Each section focuses on a specific area to test your child’s understanding in that field. Two areas, in particular, require creativity and imagination – comprehension and writing skills. These two sections will contain some form of creative task or written question, so it makes sense for students to practise these before they sit their exams!

There are three main formats for the essay tasks: description, narration, and exposition (argument). Creative writing can be used as an alternative format, which means you might not need any other preparation apart from practising imaginative stories at home with your children. The critical thing about this kind of answer is that it is more creative and original than a written argument or narration.

This might seem like common sense, but this isn’t about writing essays for school – the 11 Plus exams demand a higher standard of written work.

2. What are the benefits of creative writing?

Creative writing will help your child express their imagination and creativity, which is a great skill for life. Your child’s skills for the 11 Plus writing task will be beneficial to their school journey – even in GCSEs, A levels and the workplace.

3. Should you get a creative writing tutor for your child?

There are lots of different ways to help your child practise for this type of task. You could buy some books or find online resources, but one option that isn’t often mentioned is getting a creative writing tutor!

A good creative writing tutor will be able to identify your child’s stage and work with you as a team – they’ll be able to support them during their 11 Plus journey.

A tutor can boost your child’s creativity and language skills; they might be able to give you advice on how best to motivate and encourage your child to improve the quality of their writing.

At Geek School Tutoring, we provide creative writing tuition in person and online. We also have our unique video-based creative writing courses marked, such as our Express Creative Writing Course.

These courses differ from anything else on the market because of how the writing is marked – on video. Your child will get the opportunity to see how their work is being marked, the suggestions and corrections, and it goes a long way to help them improve – quickly! They are perfect for children who do not enjoy going to tuition sessions or have limited time in their schedule to travel due to other commitments.

4. The importance of creativity in education and how it will help your child succeed in life.

Creativity is essential for all areas of life, not just education. Your child’s potential employers will look at their GCSEs and A levels, but they’ll also be interested in their creative writing skills – so it makes sense to help them practise now! Creative writing can appear on exams multiple times throughout your child’s school career, starting with the 11 Plus but going to GCSEs and A levels.

Creativity can help your child in all aspects of their life – from the workplace to social life! In a world becoming ever more digitised, children need to learn how to express themselves through writing.

5. Tips to encourage creativity at home

Get up creative space, get out supplies and materials, read books about creative people or topics, have conversations about novel ideas with your child.

Creativity is a skill that can be learned and encouraged, so it’s essential to work with your children on their creative writing at home. This could mean introducing them to new topics or encouraging them simply by reading books of poems, short stories or even comics – whatever they are interested in! It might also help set up a creative space or corner that has everything they need in one place.

6. Creative activities you can do with your child

Scrabble board on game night

Try painting together or playing games that require thinking outside the box. Painting and drawing are great ways for children to express their creativity – it’s a good idea to have paper, pencils and paints in a drawer or cupboard near their writing space. Games can also be very creative – charades, for example.

Finally, you could try roleplaying and improvising with your children – this will help them imagine new scenarios and interact with their writing more creatively!

The 11 Plus writing task is the first step on your child’s school journey, and we’re here to help you support them through it! Whether that means getting a creative tutor or finding online resources, Geek School Tutoring can provide advice and guidance at every stage of their education. You don’t need to do it alone!

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