Discover How Your Son Can Join St. Olave’s Grammar School Through Choral Singing

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Are you looking for an alternative way for your son to join St. Olave’s Grammar School? Look no further than the Wakeham Choristership Scheme!

Stage One: The Academic Test

To apply for the scheme, your son will first need to sit an academic test in English and Mathematics at the school. The Maths paper is based on KS2 Mathematics at a high National Curriculum Level 4, similar to the school’s Year 7 Stage 2 Entrance Test. The English paper assesses comprehension, grammar, and creative writing skills to the same level.

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Stage Two: The Voice Test

Candidates meeting the academic requirements will be invited to the second stage, a Voice Test held at the school with the Director of Music and the Master of Music at the King’s Chapel of the Savoy. Your son will be asked to prepare a short piece of music to sing, preferably from the classical tradition. The chosen piece can be a favourite hymn or another type of music.

What Experience is Expected?

At the Wakeham Choristership Scheme, we welcome applications from boys with varying experience levels. The most important skills and qualities we look for are a pleasant tone that can blend well with other voices, reading music, holding an accompanied melodic line without going out of tune, and having enthusiasm for Anglican-tradition choral singing. Although experience and sight-singing skills can be an advantage, they are not essential.

Become a Wakeham Chorister and Join St. Olave’s

Successful candidates who become Wakeham Choristers will begin a year before joining Year 7 at St. Olave’s. Wakeham Choristers are expected to commit fully to the choir and continue until their voice breaks, and it is agreed by the Chapel that they may leave.

St. Olave’s Grammar School is very popular amongst parents and children living in the southeast of London and Greater London, so if you want your child to be in with a chance of success, you will need to have a solid plan and act fast. If your child is a talented singer and also an academic, we can help you with the necessary preparation to get your child ready for the academic exams.

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