Creative writing tips for children and parents

You can use this creative writing exercise to help your child write about any topic that interests them. The idea is to get their creative juices flowing, so these exercises start small (10-minute exercises) and then build up to the full-length, timed writing tasks.

Every child is a writer. They may not know it yet, but they have the power to take any idea and turn it into a story. As parents, we can nurture this gift by providing our children with creative writing tips that will help them cultivate their imagination and find their voice as writers!

Here are five of our favourite creative writing tips for children and parents – feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

The best time for creative writing is during car rides or while waiting for an appointment.

Sometimes, the informal approach to story creation can be a great way to inspire your child’s love of story creation. By providing your child with creative writing tips like taking time to develop ideas while waiting for an appointment or in the car, you’ll be encouraging them to use their imagination and find their voice as a writer.

You can use the traffic, people you see walking by, and any funny or unusual happenings you come across on your travels to inspire your child’s writing.

Space Rocket Blasting Off

Encourage your child to write what they see out of their window, such as a house with a British flag on it. 

Suggest that they write the same thing three different ways – from their perspective, through another person’s eyes and using an object as a point of view to describe what it sees.

Changing up perspectives can give your child an opportunity to think about things from a new angle.

You can help your child even more by encouraging them to find the right words and create interesting sentences, you’ll be providing valuable creative writing tips as well as encouraging an appreciation of language and vocabulary development.

Writing prompts are an excellent way to encourage creativity and imagination. 

Creative writing prompts are a great way to get children thinking about story creation. As I mentioned earlier, you can use everyday objects or observations as inspiration for stories or sentences that your child then writes out – this is another good creative writing tip!

We have a whole range of writing prompt books and downloads you can use to help your child get the practice needed.

Children should be allowed to share their work with friends and family members. 

Sharing their writing with friends and family members will help them feel confident about what they can create. You may be surprised by how much encouragement and praise for a story or poem will motivate your child in the future!

As a writer myself, I know that nothing is more rewarding than having someone enjoy my work enough to tell me so!

A little bit of praise goes a long way when encouraging children to do more creative writing!

Kids clapping hands

As mentioned above, praise goes a long way! You can do this by:

  • taking the time to read your child’s stories and poems out loud;
  • creating an atmosphere of learning at home – it doesn’t have to be expensive, just an area that is dedicated for writing will do, even if it is the corner of your child’s bedroom;
  • being enthusiastic about your child’s work and displaying it – even on the fridge door works.

We hope this article has helped give you some creative writing tips for children and parents. If your child is interested, register them for one of our creative writing courses to learn about the art of storytelling!

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