I’m Worried My Child Has Fallen Behind. Is it Too Late to Prepare a Child in Year 5 for the 11 Plus?

Is it too late to prepare for the 11 Plus? It is a question that has been asked by many parents who state their concerns about the impact that the Lockdown has had on their child’s 11 Plus preparation.

Geek School Tutoring is Still Open During the Second Lockdown

I don’t usually like to make posters along these lines, but clearly the UK and nations worldwide are going through unusual times. For the avoidance of doubt, and to give a head’s up regarding the second lockdown, starting this Thursday 5th November 2020, as announced by the government during the weekend. Geek School Tutoring willContinue reading “Geek School Tutoring is Still Open During the Second Lockdown”

5 Advantages of Homeschooling

This year has seen parents have no choice but to have a more active role in the learning of their children. Some have enjoyed every minute of it. However, if you look at forums, social media and speak to many parents, it’s clear that not everyone has enjoyed homeschooling – parents and children alike!

Can You Pay For Private Tuition With Childcare Vouchers

Paying for private tuition is a huge sacrifice, but with all the recent events in the world and the impact they have had on children’s education, many parents are looking for a way to supplement their child’s learning – or just to help them catch up on the six months out of school. Do youContinue reading “Can You Pay For Private Tuition With Childcare Vouchers”

11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything

Speed – the Key to 11 Plus Exam Success? Speed and accuracy are essential for 11 Plus exam success. Many children fail the exam because they do not finish the paper – it is not just because children do not have the knowledge to pass.   In terms of speed, the 11 Plus exams canContinue reading “11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything”