Free 11 Plus Creative Writing Course for Year 4, 5 and 6 Children

5 easy steps to creative writing success

Creative writing is fundamental to many 11 Plus exams. Regardless of whether your child will sit these competitive exams, the ability to write a descriptive piece of writing, a letter, or other forms is vital for school and the real world. This is why I have crafted an effective creative writing course tailored to children preparing for the 11 Plus exams.

Over time, I’ve observed that numerous children lack structural writing skills. Their abilities to express themselves coherently through writing seem to require improvement.

So many of them don’t read as much as they would have before the emergence of technology. Gadgets, the internet, on on-demand TV have taken over the days of reading, drawing, and playing – all core components of everyday learning.

If your child is a reluctant writer, getting them to put pencil to paper can be frustrating. Some children struggle to develop ideas, and those who take the dive often make shocking spelling mistakes or have little or no structure to their writing.

Did you know that there is a simple formula for writing letters, short stories, formal letters and so on? There really is, and once children pick up on this, it makes life a lot simpler for them.

We all want to know what is expected of us, but one of the common questions I get from children is how long their writing should be. Is a page enough? Is half a page long enough? It can be quite a minefield.

About The Free 11 Plus Creative Writing Course Creator

I write our Free 11 Creative Writing Course, Joycellyn Akuffo. I am the managing director of Geek School Tutoring Limited, which owns (where the Free 11 Plus Creative Writing Course is held, and, our website for students who need some support with their humanities subjects.

As a mum of two children – who have completed and passed grammar and top independent school exams – and attend one of the best independent schools in the UK, I know what you’re going through! I’ve been there for one, and I’m going through it with the other!

As a professional journalist with over a decade’s experience, I have worked with renowned publications such as Woman & Home, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Practical Parenting, Mother & Baby, and BBC Good Homes (to name just a few!). By tapping into my corporate writing background, I bring a unique wealth of expertise to Geek School Tutoring. Our system is carefully designed to unleash creativity and instil a love of language within our students’ writing – and if there’s one thing I am, it’s the ‘girl who loves to play with words’.

I officially started Geek School Tutoring in January 2013 – in my garden shed! Refurbished and set out like a cosy classroom, I supported up to 10 children (with an assistant) to ace their 11 Plus exams.

Today we have 200-plus students attending our centres in Bromley and Lewisham boroughs and online. Our students are local, nationwide and global – as far afield as China and Dubai!

My courses cut through the jargon and bring information to parents, and children alike, to help bring equality of choices to education. This is reflected in the course content and the research I undertake to help parents demystify the 11 Plus!

Geek School Tutoring Free 11 Plus Creative Writing Course

Sign your child up for our FREE 11 Plus Creative Writing Course

I’ve created a free Introduction to 11 Plus Creative Writing Course that walks children through all this. Within five days, your child will learn:

  • How to write – simplicity is key!
  • How long should their writing be
  • The basic structure required for their writing
  • Spellings – how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Where to find story ideas – a must for the reluctant reader

The free 11 Plus Creative Writing Course is packed with cheat sheets and instructional videos to help children learn from the comfort of their homes. They’ll enjoy the videos so much that it won’t even feel like they are taking a course!

Yes – you did read that it is FREE! Can you afford to miss out? Enrol your child now – you will be taken to our sister site,, where the course is held.

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