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15 Creative Writing Prompts for 11-year-olds Preparing for the 11 Plus English Exam

If your child is in year 5 of primary school, then chances are they may be sitting their 11+ exams soon.

In many of the 11 Plus exams will be an English paper that includes a creative essay, in which your child will be expected to demonstrate their literacy skills creatively by using extensive language, grammar and punctuation.

In order to put their best foot forward, your child will need to prepare adequately – there is no such thing as too much practice when it comes to writing. That’s why we have created some free creative writing resources, including the following 15 creative writing prompts to help your child exercise their creativity

Don’t forget – we have lots of writing prompts books and booklets, too! See below:

15 Creative Writing Prompts

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  1. Let’s say you could create your own animal, what would it look like? How would you describe it in terms of size, colour and height? What would it sound like? What does it eat?
  2. Write a story about a day in your life from the viewpoint of a mouse.
  3. Imagine you are 10 years older. Write about what the 21-year-old version of you would be like.
  4. Imagine that you were chosen as one of the first people to visit Mars. What would you take with you and what do you think the planet would be like?
  5. If you switched places with your parents for a day, how would you run the house? What rules would you introduce and which rules would you change?