11 Plus Rockets Writing Prompts Booklet – Instant Download

11 Plus Rockets Writing Prompts

If you’re a parent searching for a fun and engaging way to improve your child’s writing skills, the 11 Plus Rockets Writing Prompts Booklet is an excellent choice! Specifically designed for children in years 4-6 who are passionate about rockets 🚀, this booklet features 50 pages of picture-based writing prompts to spark their imaginations.

Each prompt is related to different aspects of rockets and space travel, including astronaut experiences, rocket launches, and intergalactic adventures. All prompts are designed to help children develop their creative writing skills while keeping them motivated and engaged.

So what are you waiting for? Get your child’s imagination soaring with the 11 Plus Rockets Writing Prompts Booklet! 


A download of 50-page writing prompts booklet

Booklet contains 10 picture-based writing prompts

Each writing prompt comes with keywords to help your child come up with story ideas.

Each writing prompt contains a checklist to check your child has used SOAP, has checked their handwriting, SPaG, paragraphs, and has used different sentence starters.

Each writing prompt has a planning page.

Every writing prompt section has two pages of lined paper for your child to write their story on.

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