What are the Best Books for 11 Plus Preparation When Your Child is Getting Ready for Grammar and Independent Schools?

Books for 11 Plus preparation

Is your child preparing for the 11 Plus exams for a grammar or independent school place? If so, you’ll probably be wondering what the best books for 11 Plus preparation to buy in order to help your child get the results – and fast!

Gone are the days when there were just one or two 11 Plus book publishers in your local WH Smiths or Waterstones to choose from. The 11 Plus is a big area of interest to just about every academic publisher that provides book for primary school aged children; and so the books and packs that are available can be overwhelming f the 11 Plus is new to you. Throw in verbal and non verbal reasoning (two topics that are not part of the National Curriculum) and it can be quite a daunting prospect.

In the following video, 11 Plus tutor (and founder of Geek School Tutoring) Joycellyn Akuffo looks at two of the most popular 11 Plus preparation book publishers (what many consider to be the best books for 11 Plus preparation): the age old Bond books; and the CGP books to help to demystify what each book can achieve and when your child should be using them. Which one is the best for 11 plus preparation? What are the differences between them? Both of these questions and more are answered in the video.

At Geek School, we pride ourselves in being the 11 Plus experts. Having helped numerous children successfully pass their grammar and independent school tests, our formula for success is tried and tested – and it works every time.

Many of our students have made gained offers and scholarships for top private schools, including Dulwich College, Trinity, Whitgift, Eltham College, St Dunstan’s, Colfe’s, Sydenham Girls, Old Palace Christ Hospital and more!

If you found this video helpful, and you’d like to book 11 plus tuition for your child in preparation for the 11 Plus, get in touch today. Call Joycellyn on 02086583239 to discuss your child’s needs.

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