11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook

11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook

Our 11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook has been meticulously developed by experienced teachers and poets to equip children with all the essential skills and insights required to excel in the world of poetry. 

Apart from providing in-depth guidance on poetic terminology, this comprehensive guide offers a range of exercises and structured activities that can help young poets to strengthen their writing skills and improve their confidence. The guide also features tips on creative writing and the tactics to tackle various types of poetry questions successfully in 11 Plus grammar and independent school assessments.

Our guide aims to help young aspiring poets and authors create a strong foundation and cultivate a love for literature. With its rich content, vivid examples, and engaging activities, it makes the learning process fun and interactive.

11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook

Developed according to the latest educational standards and the needs of young learners, our guide is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to master the art of poetry and excel in their educational pursuits. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a student, our 11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook is an invaluable tool that can help you unlock your full potential and unleash your creativity.

At our core, we are parents who fully appreciate the significance of providing our children with every possible outlet to fulfil their potential. That’s why we have gone above and beyond to create a comprehensive guide that is all about improving children’s writing abilities.
Our guide is not only paired with 12 specifically designed poetry papers and exercises, it also includes excellent model answers to aid learning. This is essential in boosting their writing skills and making sure they have a competitive edge.
Whether you’re preparing your child for an exam or simply hoping to improve their creative writing, our 11 Plus Poetry Guide and Workbook guarantees to be the invaluable tool that you need. Trust us when we say it’ll make a world of difference to your child’s education and success.
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