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    11 Plus Exams: When and how to start preparing. Year 3, Year 4 or Year 5?

    December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

11 Plus Exams: When and how to start preparing. Year 3, Year 4 or Year 5?

If you’re thinking about grammar and independent schools for your child, you’re probably thinking about when preparation should start.

There may be some different questions and conflicting viewpoints from other parents about the 11 Plus preparation:

  • Will starting too soon harm your child’s success in the 11 + exams?
  • If you start preparing your child too late for the 11 Plus, will they fail the exams?
  • When is too early to start 11 Plus exams?
  • When is too late to start 11 Plus exam preparation?

Every year I get a lot of calls from parents asking these questions. It’s unsurprising because the 11+ preparation process can be quite demanding and requires a lot of commitment – from both parents and children alike.

The 11 Plus exams are also getting increasingly competitive every year, so it’s natural that you may be worried about whether you’re making the ‘right’ choices when preparing your child for the 11 Plus.

Don’t worry – in this video about preparing your child for the 11 Plus exams, I’m going to look at one of the most common question parents have about the 11+: When should I start preparing my child for the 11+?

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