Write and Bloom Four-Week Live Online Writing Course

Write and Bloom Four-Week Live Online Writing Course

Are You Worried Your Child’s Creative Writing Will Lead to 11 Plus Exam Failure?

Children learn so much about writing when they can bounce ideas off each other!

The 11 Plus can be a lonely journey – paper after paper after paper. It can be so competitive that the enjoyment is sucked right out of it.

When it comes to creative writing, the ability to generate ideas is an essential skill.

Yes, it’s true that ideas generations skills can be easily taught to children, but it can also be learnt – from their peers. That’s why small groups can be an effective way for children to learn how to improve their writing while making it fun along the way!

The Write and Bloom live writing workshops are an ideas-generation forum where children can be inspired to produce their best works and have their creative writing ability to move up to the next level.

photo of girl writing on white paper
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Working in small groups of no more than six children, this weekly group will cover the 12 areas of writing in the 11 Plus – for grammar and independent schools tests.

From the success of Geek School Tutoring’s Creative Writing Crash Course, the Write and Bloom Course does everything that our celebrated Creative Writing Crash Course does in terms of teaching and the provision of materials. However, it has the added benefit of a live weekly 75-minute tuition session with our founder, Joycellyn Akuffo.

Joycellyn Akuffo, Managing Director, Geek School Tutoring

Meet the Tutor and Managing Director!

Joycellyn has almost a decade’s worth of experience of helping children secure a place at top grammar and independent schools in the country. She also has more than a decade’s worth of experience before establishing Geek School Tutoring, working as a journalist on some of the UK’s top magazines – from Glamour, Cosmopolitan, BBC Good Homes, Woman and Home, Psychologies, Practical Parenting and Woman’s Weekly (and so many more). This type of experience is rare – and the results speak volumes.

Our Success Stories

Here is a shortlist of just some of the schools that Geek School Tutoring’s former students have either gone to or received an offer of a place to in the past two years:

  1. City of London Boys
  2. City of London Girls
  3. James Allens Girls School
  4. Alleyns
  5. Eltham College
  6. Trinity School, Croydon
  7. Whitgift School
  8. Eltham College
  9. Tonbridge Girls
  10. Christ Hospital
  11. Townley Girls
  12. Chislehurst and Sidcup
  13. Rochester Grammar School
  14. Chatham Grammar School
  15. Weald of Kent Boys School
  16. And several other schools!