Will Online 11 Plus Tuition Be Effective For Your Child?

There is no doubt that online 11 plus tuition is becoming increasingly popular as a way for children to prepare for the exam. But does this type of tuition actually work? And is it the best option for your child?

There are pros and cons to online tuition. On the one hand, it can be very convenient as it allows your child to study from home. It can also be more affordable than traditional tuition, and there is a wider range of resources available online. On the other hand, some parents worry that their children will not get enough personal attention in an online class and that they may not be able to ask questions or get help when they need it.

Which 11 Plus Course Is Right For Your Child?

We provide a variety of different lessons to improve your child’s grammar school and independent school entry chances, including:

  • English (including creative writing)
  • maths
  • verbal reasoning
  • non-verbal reasoning

11 Plus (11+) Online Tuition With Geek School Tutoring

Some parents are wary of using online tuition due to negative experiences during the lockdown, but what we provide has helped children get into top grammar and independent schools during the pandemic – and even more since.

We deliver high-quality lessons in an engaging and interactive way. We offer flexible lesson times to suit your needs, with no hidden charges or extra fees. Our tutors are passionate about the 11 Plus exams – many of them are grammar or independent school success stories themselves, like Geek School Tutoring’s founder and managing director, Joycellyn.

What Do We Offer In Our Online 11 Plus Tuition?

Our online 11 plus tuition is live and interactive. Your child will have a taught lesson with a tutor online and will be expected to engage in the lessons and ask and answer questions just as though they were coming along to one of the centres in Beckenham and Lewisham.

11 Plus Live Online Classes

Live classes are delivered via Zoom, a secure platform that allows you to see your child at all times. 

Our 11 Plus lessons are not video recorded like some providers (Atom Learning etc.) but are a weekly course schedule where students can join others in working through the 11 Plus syllabus and getting the foundation they need for success.

Our Target Grammar and Independent Schools

We aim to help your child achieve the best possible results by assisting them in preparing for the 11+ exam. The majority of our clients go on to attend leading grammar schools such as Dulwich College, Eltham College, James Allen’s Girls (JAGS), City of London Boys, Trinity, Whitgift, Sevenoaks, Christ Hospital and other leading independent schools.

For grammar schools, the bulk of our students secure a place in a grammar school in the Kent grammar schools; the Bexley grammar schools; the Medway grammar schools; and the Sutton grammar schools. Some of our students are offered places in super-selective grammar schools such as Newstead Wood and St Olave’s, along with further afield grammar schools.

Are You Looking For 11+ Tutoring?

If you’re looking for an 11+ tutor who specialises in preparing for the grammar and independent school exams, then look no further than Geek School Tutoring!

How Can Geek School Tutoring Help Your Child Prepare For The 11 Plus?

Geek School Tutoring offers a range of services to help your child prepare for their 11+ exam. These include:

• 1-1 lessons – tailored to your child’s individual needs.

• Weekly lessons – designed to build up your child’s knowledge over time.

• Homework support – to ensure your child gets the most out of each lesson we want them to consolidate their learning with homework, so we set and mark their homework and review corrections every week.

• Exam coaching – to help your child understand how to approach the 11+ exam and give them tips on how to improve their performance.

• Mock tests – to test your child’s understanding of the 11+ syllabus and help them identify areas that may require additional study. 

Improve Your Child’s Grammar School Entry Chances!

With our expert 11+ preparation courses, your child will get the foundation they need to succeed in securing a place at their chosen grammar school.