Videos and testimonials

[bs_lead]Want to know what our students are saying? See the video testimonials below:[/bs_lead][bs_lead]A parent’s view[/bs_lead]

[bs_well size=”lg”]If you’re a mum who is looking for a private tutor for your child, it can be helpful to hear what another mum says. Jake’s mum talks about how her son has benefited from face-to-face tutoring with Geek School.


[bs_lead]A chid’s view[/bs_lead]

[bs_well size=”lg”]Are you thinking about using live online tutoring? We know that children (especially) love it, because it uses modern technology, which we all know they love. It also means that they don’t have to miss out on their learning when travelling during school holidays, or if they spend some time away at relatives or family friends.

Bethany, who just so happens to be our favourite American student (don’t tell the others) loves the impact that her live online lessons have had on her maths! Watch what she thinks about Geek School:


[bs_lead]An adult learner’s[/bs_lead]

[bs_well size=”lg”]Grammar skills are essential in keeping up professional appearances. There is nothing more embarrassing in a workplace than having your colleagues feel that you are below par.

Matt,a current student, wanted to know what he could do to improve his English usage, and after just one session, he has seen the benefits – and so has his boss at work, apparently.