The Independent School Interview Course for Private School Admission

Getting into a top independent school can be incredibly difficult, as they are becoming increasingly popular.

The 11 Plus entrance exam is designed to test the intellect of children and their ability to cope with an academic environment at a young age; the interview gives schools an idea about each potential students personality, interests and talents, and can help schools determine who will be the best fit for their school community.

School children in classroom at lesson
The 11 Plus exam tests your child’s academic ability – the independent school interview tests whether they are a good fit for the school community.

It’s no secret that getting your child into one of these schools will give them a big advantage in life, but not all parents know how to help their kids get through this exam.

Our 11 Plus Interview course teaches parents how they can prepare their children for the questions that are likely going to be asked during interviews and provides sample answers so that children feel confident enough when it comes time for the private school interview itself.

The Independent School Interview course is developed for the children to watch on their own, giving them a roadmap to their private school interview success.

The 11 Plus Independent School Interview