Tuition offers children the space they need to fully grasp a subject. Instead of battling through a class of around 30 children, competing with them for the attention of a stressed teacher, tuition offers a safe space for them to ask all the questions they need. It’s also a great way for children to stretch themselves without being the laughing stock of the class if they make a mistake. It’s a safe haven where the only thing that can come out is improvement.

Geek School offers a comprehensive tuition programme that not only bring children back on track, but helps them to achieve their full potential and more.

Geek School students can expect the following:

  • Two-hour weekly sessions every Saturday*
  • Weekly tests
  • reading lists
  • homework
  • regular on-the-spot exams

Aiming to build your child’s basic skills, each session will reinforce your child’s learning and help build their confidence in literacy. These lessons can provide an additional boost to school and prepare children for 11-plus and SATs exams.

Classes cost £25** per hour, with a recommended two hour per week. This gives enough time to cover a substantial amount of learning, take tests and reinforce learning from previous weeks.

* Afterschool and holiday sessions are available,by arrangement

**scholarships are available

Ask about using child tax credits to pay for tuition.