The Quick-Fix 11 Plus Writing Guide



  • Are you worried about the quality of your child’s writing?
  • Is it a battle to get your child to read?
  • Does your child love everything to do with gadgets but won’t do any book work without a battle?

Creative writing is a core component of so many 11 Plus exams and is an essential skill that children need throughout primary and secondary school. The ability to express in words ideas and viewpoints is central to so many exams your child will write in their life – even through to adulthood.

Over the years, I noticed that many children don’t know how to write appropriately – in a structural sense. Many children don’t read as much as they would have done before the emergence of technology, which shows in their writing ability. Gadgets, it seems, has taken over the free time of many children!

Many children struggle to come up with ideas when they are given a writing task. They often struggle with basic grammar rules and don’t seem to have a framework to work with when writing.

If this sounds like your child, and you want a creative writing course that will help to achieve a high standard in your child’s essays and short stories but want to do it at home, without a tutor or one of our online courses, this is the perfect solution.

The Quick-Fix 11 Plus Writing Guide is an excellent resource for parents who are unsure about what to cover at home to help prepare children for the creative writing task in the 11 Plus exams.

This is a concise 40-page guide that gets to the point, which is perfect for busy parents and even busier children! There are no long-winded, flowery explanations that will frighten off children by looking like an impenetrable amount of work to get through.

The guide contains writing assignments for your child to work through, lots of creative writing tips and writing advice – plus immediate access to our Free Creative Writing Course.


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