11 Plus Timetable – For Boys


Timetable for children who are preparing for their 11 plus exams. We have one for boys and one for girls, so download your preference!

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When it comes to getting your child ready for the 11 Plus exams, preparation is key. I love the say, ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’. It get much more real than that!

The idea is not to overwhelm children with stacks of papers and books to do every waking moment – that would demotivate anyone! What children need is a simple schedule to keep them on track.

One way to make sure your child stays on track is with a timetable. Using the Geek School 11 Plus Timetable will be like formalising a contract with your child – a commitment to do the work. We’ve created the perfect one to use, which is bright and colourful and split into morning and the evening sections. Doing a bit of work in the morning will mean that your child can get a headstart to school in the morning by doing something before school. The work can be as simple as a bit of reading on the way to school, a 10-minute test in the car or just going through timestables on a free app. For the evening, your child can work through one or two papers. Feel free to swap this around if your schedule at means the evenings are busier – use the timetable to make achievable goals!

One of the other benefits of using a timetable like this is that your child will know exactly what to do when. Now there will be no feasible excuse for your child to not complete a paper in their verbal reasoning book, for example, because it will be written down plainly on their Geek School 11 Plus Timetable.

The Geek School 11 Plus Timetable covers Monday to Friday, with a ‘notes’ section, too, which you can use to add reminders or specific instructions for your child.

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