Online GCSE Poetry Workshops

Gaining a GCSE in English literature is vital for future career progression. Having a C grade (or the level 4/5 equivalent, these days) is a minimum requirement to gain entry into many further education courses in sixth form and colleges alike.

GCSE English literature and language can also inspire a life-long love of reading – even students who start our lessons with the aim of improving their reading and writing skills to just pass the GCSE English exams (or improve their grade), often end up becoming a bookworm!

One area that is often a stumbling block for many Year 11 students is poetry. It often seems outdated, ‘boring’ or just confusing. Students who nod at these descriptions of GCSE English text often have a lot of knowledge gaps. They often struggle to find words to answer the questions; are unaware of the necessary structure needed in their answers to score top marks, or they do not understand the poetry devices (things like caesura and enjambment) – or how to spot them in poetry.

GCSE Poetry Workshops with Geek School Tutoring

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Working in small groups of up to six students online, we work through the various techniques that examiners expect to see answers for GCSE poetry questions.

Because we work through seen poetry and unseen poetry, these live online sessions give Year 11 students the framework needed to answer all types of poetry questions.

Format of Our Online GCSE Poetry Workshop

Sessions last for an hour, and focus on one or two pieces of poetry, with guidance on finding themes; poetic devices; form and structures; poetic voice, tone and mood; imagery; rhyme and rhythm; and language techniques.

The sessions are interactive, with lively discussions to help students engage with the text.

Content of Geek School Tutoring’s Online GCSE Poetry Workshop

We cover poetry from the various GCSE poetry anthologies, such as Power and Conflict and Love and Relationships. We will also review a wide variety of poems, as required for developing useful techniques for answering unseen poetry questions.


All our tutors are Russell Group graduates; one is even undertaking a PhD in Poetry as we speak!

Cost of Online GCSE Poetry Workshop

Each session costs £17.50, booked on a first-come-first-served basis, due to the limited number of spaces for each group (six).