How Geek School can help your child with maths and English

Geek School is a private tuition service set up and ran by a journalist with more than a decade’s experience. We cover a range of subjects at different levels, the aim of which is to empower students to learn and equip them with the skills to use that knowledge.

Subjects covered are:

  • English – all levels from primary (Key Stage 1 and 2) to GCSE
  • Maths – all levels from primary  (Key Stage 1 and 2) to GCSE
  • Psychology – GCSE and A level
  • Classical Civilisation –  GCSE

If there are other subjects you are interested in booking, please get in touch, as it may be something we can help you with.

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There is a lot of evidence to support tutoring on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups, and the benefits it has for children. 

School isn’t always enough

In a classroom environment, teachers these days can have 30-plus children to attend to on their own. With all the best will in the world, they can’t cover everything in as much depth as they would like all of the time, and if your child doesn’t understand something, there might not be the time to give them the help and support they need.

Private tuition helps to fill in those gaps, and push your child further still, so that they are ahead of their peers. This has a positive reflection on their exam results, and the groups or sets they are placed and, importantly, it builds their confidence which changes their perception of learning from something they don’t like to one which they enjoy.

Patience is a virtue
I’m also a wife and mother of two children, so I have good experience of how children learn. I’ve been teaching children (including mine) for the best part of eight years and I know how to get the best out of children so they can start to shine. Both of my children attend good private schools and are in the top groups for all of their subjects. They love learning because they know the benefits and have me on tap!


Don’t delay

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