Key Stage 3 and GCSE Tuition

Did you know that GCSEs have had a bit of a shake up? Children are now expected to demonstrate a higher level of spelling, punctuation and grammar for English and are expected to demonstrate their ability to handle more complex maths questions. 


If you’re unaware of the changes, take a look at a brief rundown below. 


GCSE and Key Stage 3

Have you heard about the GCSE shakeup? After the 2016 exams, GCSE English will be replaced by GCSE English Language.


This will encourage students to read more widely and will require students to demonstrate a good grasp of spoken and written English.


English Literature has also changed, with similar changes to the English Language GCSE, and a new grading system will be introduced. The new GCSEs will be graded 9 – 1, rather than the current A*- G, with grade 9 being the highest and equivalent of an A** (the current system only goes up to an A*).


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GCSE and Key Stage 3

GCSE maths has had a big shakeup. It’s no surprise if you look at statistics, which show that a quarter of children leave secondary school without the ability to perform basic numeracy tasks – something which is essential to everyday life, not just the pastime of mathematical geniuses.


So, it’s little wonder that there has been a shakeup. Students now have to be able to problem-solve more, which they can only do effectively if they have a full grasp of maths, to begin with. There have also been a number of topics added to both the foundation and higher papers, and a few taken out or shifted between them.


While the changes don’t have to spell doom, if your child is struggling to keep up, it’s worth considering a GCSE maths or English tutor. Geek School has sites in Beckenham and Downham, Bromley, to help your child achieve their full potential in time for their GCSE maths and English.


Does that make GCSE maths harder – in a word, yes!


If you’d like to give your child a fighting chance at getting the best grade they can for their GCSE maths, GCSE English language and GCSE English literature, please get in touch today – Geek School can help. Get in touch today to ensure that your child can develop and hone the skills required to make the cut.

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GCSE and Key Stage 3

At Geek School Tutoring we offer tuition in all three sciences: 


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


Our tutors are Russell Group graduates with a keen passion in their subjects of choice. This is why our students make huge improvements in their Key Stage 3 and GCSE science.

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