GCSE Online Tutoring

GCSE Online Tutoring

Achieve Top Grades in GCSE English Language and Maths With Geek School Tutoring

At Geek School Tutoring, we understand the challenges and pressures Year 10 and 11 students face preparing for their GCSEs in English Language and Maths. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and holistic learning experience that goes beyond traditional tutoring.

Our unique approach, proven by our students’ outstanding achievement of grades 8 and 9 in all GCSE subjects in 2023, is tailored to empower each student to excel.


More Than Just Tuition – A Complete Learning Ecosystem

1. Exclusive Access to Video Tutorials: Enhance your learning with our extensive library of video tutorials, created by exam boards. These resources complement our lessons, allowing students to reinforce their understanding and practise at their own pace.

2. Frequent and Effective Mock Tests: With Geek School Tutoring, students can take monthly mock tests to identify and address knowledge gaps promptly. Our mock tests offer a more intensive and focused approach compared to the standard one or two tests provided in schools.

3. Advanced Online Mock Test Analysis: Our online mock tests offer detailed feedback, pinpointing exact areas for improvement. This targeted approach, combined with our expert tuition, ensures efficient and rapid progress, unlike the broad whole-class strategies employed in schools.

4. Comprehensive GCSE Exam Resources: We provide a wealth of GCSE exam questions and papers with solutions, ensuring our students are never left uncertain about any challenging questions.

Our Distinct Advantage

While other tutors may stop at just delivering lessons, at Geek School Tutoring we go the extra mile. We provide the on-demand online resources that can be used 24/7 by hardworking students, in addition to weekly tuition support that parents wish schools offered.

This package is especially beneficial for students aiming for the top scores of 8 or 9 in GCSE English Language and Maths.

Tailored for Foundation and Higher Levels

Our GCSE maths tuition caters to both Foundation and Higher Paper maths, ensuring your needs are met with the same level of excellence.

Transparent and Inclusive Pricing

The cost of tuition at Geek School covers both in-person or online lessons, along with an additional £50 per month for our comprehensive learning and assessment on-demand system.

This investment in your child’s education ensures they have all the tools and support necessary for exceptional GCSE performance.

GCSE Online Tutoring

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Seamless Sign-Up Process

1. Once you sign up with Geek School Tutoring, you gain access to our full range of online resources and assessments. We ensure a smooth and straightforward transition into our system, so your learning journey begins without delay.

2. You can choose from in-person lessons at our Beckenham or Catford centres, or online on a weekday evening, or Saturday.

Our combination of expert GCSE English Language and GCSE maths tuition, cutting-edge resources from exam boards, along with personalised support is designed to help achieve the high we have become known for.

Contact us today to learn more and enrol in our GCSE English and Maths programmes.