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FREE weekly 11-Plus maths worksheets

  • Do you have a year 4 or 5 child who you are helping to prepare for the 11-Plus exams?
  • Does our child seem to forget how to do maths topics within days of you going through it with them?
  • Does your child get inconsistent results in their 11-Plus maths papers?
At Geek School, we know what it takes to get children to sustain those all-important high scores in their maths papers. While there are some excellent books on the market, not all topics are covered in all the papers, and so children often forget how to do more complicated questions. It’s not uncommon for children to be fantastic with harder questions and lose marks on easier questions because they’ve forgotten how to do them.
This is where the Geek School weekly maths worksheet newsletter comes in very handy. Brought straight to your inbox every week, there will be a mix of maths topics (with answers) that children in year 4 (the confident ones) and 5 can work through. There are 100 questions in each worksheet so children can do as much or as little as they need to reach the desired standards.
After all, the saying is: ‘A little bit of maths a day keeps the low scores away!’