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DIY Resources for Primary and Secondary School Pupils

If you want to work through some useful resources at your child’s own pace at home, we have an ever-increasing range of video-based courses, a marking service, a maths worksheet generator and useful workbooks, booklets and posters to help make life all the easier!


Our Video-Based Courses

We have a range of video-based courses for 11 Plus preparation – head over to Geek School Tutoring’s sister site, the 11 Plus Essay.



There are just some of our many useful resources!

When it comes to maths, there is no such thing as too much practice! That’s why we have created a free maths worksheet generator to help you get the maths worksheets you need. You can create and download free worksheets for the 11 Plus, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and even GCSE maths!