Live online tutoring

Live online tutoring

Sometimes, with all the best will in the world it can be difficult to take your child to your tutor of choice. Whether it’s the distance, or younger children, nothing should stop you from providing what your child needs.

That’s where live online tutoring can help.With a laptop or tablet and internet connection, you can take tutor with you anywhere you go.

Live online tutoring is when a tutor and a student, who are not in the same location, use the internet to teach and learn remotely. The tutor communicates live (in real time) with the student using Skype (voice over internet)and a webcam. This enables the tutor and student to see one another as though they were face to face and interactive with a whiteboard. Our preferred method of live online tutoring is with Skype – it has no cost for you!

Geek School offers live  online tutoring service that enables students from anywhere in Britain (and the world, for that matter!) to have access to the UK’s leading private tutors.

Why use live online tutoring?

  1. It’s just as effective as face-to-face tuition – if anything, tech-savvy children love it.
  2. It’s convenient – students can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere, from home or while on holiday.
  3. It’s simple – once you are connected to wifi and have a webcam, live online tutoring is good to go!
  4. It’s safe – live online tutors are CRB checked in the same way as tutors who teach in person.
  5. It’s fun – many young people prefer live online tuition because they have been born into a digital age and are very familiar with computers.