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We have a series of online tutor courses of adults in English Grammar and Maths.

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[bs_citem title=”Introduction to business writing” id=”citem_67″ parent=”collapse_10″]

If the thought of writing an email to a senior manager, or producing a company report fills you with dread or confusion, this course is for you. In just an hour, you will learn how to produce the best business communication for your needs.
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Not sure if you can use a comma before writing ‘and’? Do you know your adverbs from your conjunctions? How about using dashes?

This course is for anyone who didn’t learn grammar (at all or properly from school, or for those who just want/need a refresher.

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Maths doesn’t have to spell doom. This course won’t bore or confuse you with the non-essentials in maths, but it will show you how to do everyday maths calculations that you need to know.

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