4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Child’s Creative Writing for 11+ Exams

The 11+ exams are highly competitive, and they are growing increasingly popular every year. So, for your child to have the best chance of success in them, they will need to have a good grasp of creative writing – whether it’s for grammar school tests (such as Stage 2 for the Sutton grammar schools or St Olave’s) or the independent school exams.

The 11 Plus exams test a child’s creative imagination and writing skills. To do well in these 11 Plus exams, children will need to practise their imaginative language, oratory and vocabulary skills and use grammatical structures correctly.

1. Creative Writing Prompts: Great 11 Plus English Writing Exercises

Many parents think all 11 Plus papers are the same, but this is not true. There are differences between grammar school tests and independent school entrance exams.

Since the 11 Plus questions do not follow the same format every time, so it’s difficult for students to be prepared enough if they are asked to write an essay or report about any topics at short notice. That’s why it is essential to use a wide range of materials when helping your child to prepare for the exams. At Geek School Tutoring, we have a range of writing prompts, books and writing prompts pdf downloads you can start using today to help your child with their creative writing.

We have a range of creative writing prompts to help you with your child’s 11+ exams prep.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: Grammar and Punctuation Books for 11 Plus Exams

Even though it may seem like the 11 Plus English grammar questions are separate, they can help your child improve their creative writing since the exams require children to use grammatical structures correctly.

When helping your child with their grammar school tests or independent school entrance exams, you should try making it fun by using games and puzzles, which will help them build confidence and improve their vocabulary skills.

You can get some writing prompts from the Geek School Shop, which parents can print out to help their children learn how to use the different grammar structures correctly.

3. Improve Memory Skills for English Language Tests with Mind Maps

Mindmaps are underrated when it comes to helping children make connections with different ideas and create a story.

You can use mind maps to encourage your child to use their imagination when developing their story ideas. So, if they want to write about a character with special powers, how does that relate to the story’s title?

4. Reading for Pleasure Helps Children With the 11 Plus Exams

It’s important to encourage your child to read as much as possible since it will help them improve their vocabulary and make them feel confident enough about the 11+ exams. Many parents think that reading for pleasure doesn’t affect children learning and doing well in exams, but the truth is that reading can help children build their confidence and improve their vocabulary.

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