Geek School provides tuition for primary school aged children from year 2 to year 6.

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If your child is at primary school, the chances are you’ve heard of SATs, the national exams that all children in England take in year 2 (key stage 1) and year 6 (key stage 6. 

The SATs cover the following:

– Spelling, punctuation and grammar (often referred to as SPaG)
– Reading comprehension
– Writing (shorter and longer tasks)
– Mental arithmetic test
– Maths paper A (non calculator test)
– Maths paper B (calculator test)

While there is no pass or fail for these exams. children leaving primary school in the past have been expected to leave with a minimum of a level 4 in maths and English. The levels for 2016 are yet to be released.

Whether its at key stage 1 or 2, Geek School can help your child prepare for the SATs, reaching their full potential.

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