11 Plus Summer Revision: How To Revise Now That Exams Have Been Postponed ​

11 Plus Summer Revision: How To Revise Now That Exams Have Been Postponed

So the news is out: the 11 Plus exams (grammar school selection tests, that is!) have been postponed in most cases to either October or November. Thank goodness our hardworking children get some extra time to revise and learn, reducing the stress for everyone involved!

But be careful: It may be tempting to down your tools, your papers and other 11 Plus revision since most grammar school exams have been pushed back to October or November, but I don’t think that is the best move to make!

Watch this video to find out what you should be doing during the summer holidays to prepare for the 11+ exams – that means the grammar school selection tests like the Kent Test and the Bexley Test; along with the independent school entrance exams.

While I’m here, some good resources for the last phase of the 11 Plus preparation is out 11 Plus dictionaries – we have one for English grammar and one for 11 Plus maths, which I have put together, following years of experience, along with the fact that most books on the market don’t cover everything in all their books, but focus on the topics covered within those books.

A very popular offering we have is the 11 Plus Vital Words Vital Words Dictionary, which is fantastic for helping children who are preparing for the grammar school selection tests (especially the CEM style papers) to increase their vocabulary.

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