11 Plus Preparation – 10 Years of Excellent Results! Real Tutors!

Is This

  • I’m confused about whether I should get an 11 Plus tutor, or buy the standard 11+ resources and past papers and work through them with my child at home.

  • I have no idea whether my child can pass the 11 Plus exams and get into the grammar or private schools we are considering.
  • ​The information for grammar and independent schools is so overwhelming – I don’t know where to start!
  • There are so many options – are grammar school better, or should we look into independent schools?

How We Can

Face-to-Face Tuition

At Geek School Tutoring, we provide face-to-face tuition, targeted to every child’s needs. Whether in groups or one to one at our centres. We teach Non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, maths and English.

Online 11 Plus Tuiton

When you can’t get your child to us, or we can still support your child in their 11+ preparation online. We offer a bespoke system, which is adapted to your child’s needs – not an inneffective cookie cutter, approach!

11 Plus Resources

Whatever level your child is today, with our experience and guidance, we can help you to navigate the 11 Plus curriculum – stress free. We have a proven 10-year record of success of high quality 11 Plus preparation resources!​