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11 Plus Independent School Interview Questions (and Answers)

Pass the 11 Plus Independent School Interview With These Tips. Includes the Interviews and Questions

Congratulations! If your child has been invited in for an independent (private) school interview, following an 11-plus exam, they’ve done well enough to get through to the next stage of the application process.

Of course, the invitation to the interview doesn’t guarantee an offer of a school place, but your child is one step closer to an offer, which is excellent news!

Schools will be looking for bright, articulate, confident and well-mannered children who can fit into the school society – and bring something to the school as well!

Every school has an idea of the type of student it is looking for, so your child mustn’t pretend to be someone he or she isn’t. Schools are not looking for cookie-cutter children, either. Imagine if all children in a class were extroverts or introverts. There would be no dynamic in the class – and the school would be very vanilla!

That’s why pretending to love Greek mythology, for example, to try to wow the interviewers is not the best way forward! What is the interviewer is the classical studies or Greek teachers and your child does not know anything about King Oedipus, or Hades? That will definitely ring alarm bells and will make it evident that your child has told what to say for the interview. That’s dangerous territory.

Watch the YouTube Video for Indepdent School Interview Tips and More

So, the biggest tip of all for your child is: be natural!

That’s just one of the tips. There are more tips in this video – plus examples of other types of independent school interview questions.

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