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100 Ways to Say 'Said'

Free Printable: 100 Ways to Say ‘Said’

  • Does your child seem to use the same words when they write stories?

  • Do you count numerous instances of ‘said’ in your child’s story writing?

  • Are you struggling to make new suggestions of dialogue words that your child can use because they find it difficult to understand the words at all?

Geek School has just released a new printable: 100 Ways to Say ‘Said’ and it is perfect for children who are preparing for the 11-Plus exams. These exams require children to show some maturity in their writing and demonstrate that they have a flair for the English language. If your child writes about a character who happily ‘said’ something to another character, it really doesn’t have the same impact as using dialogue word like ‘croaked’. The latter makes it clear that the character is laughing, and it may even put a smile on the reader’s face. The two words have a completely different impact.

How to use the printable

Your child doesn’t have to learn all 100 – it really isn’t that necessary. However, having exposure to so many different dialogue words means your child can choose their favourites and have a wide variety to choose from when writing.

Download our new 100 Ways to Say ‘Said’ printable today and stick it on the fridge, on you child’s wall…anywhere they can see the words so they can start using more glorious words.