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Simple tips and tricks to help your child nail the 11 Plus essay!

  • Is your child preparing for a grammar school or an independent (private) school exam soon?
  • Are you worried that your child’s essays will be a letdown in their 11 plus exams?
  • Does your child struggle to get inspiration for story writing ideas?
  • Does your child have a poor grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar?

Don’t worry – you are not on your own! This Free Creative Writing Course Has Helped Hundreds of Children To Find Their Writing Voice!

These are just some of the challenges that many parents contact Geek School Tutoring about… and I’ve helped many, many students overcome some of the pitfalls when completing the writing task in their exams and pass with flying colours.

Published by Joycellyn Akuffo

Managing director of Geek School Tutoring.