How to convert fraction to percentages to decimals

Never be confused again. Here’s a simple way to remember how to convert decimals to fraction and  then to percentages and vice versa.

Maths: Year 10 topics

You can expect your child to learn the following topics in maths in Year 10: Numbers Classify numbers Prime or composite Compare and order rational numbers Number lines Convert between decimals and fractions Square roots Cube roots Operations Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers Order of operations with integers Evaluate variable expressions involving integers AddContinue reading “Maths: Year 10 topics”

Maths: Year 11 topics

See below for the list of maths topics you can expect  your child to learn in year 11: Numbers Prime or composite Identify rational and irrational numbers Compare and order rational numbers Square roots Cube roots Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers A.7 Order of operations with rational numbers Exponents Exponents review Multiplication andContinue reading “Maths: Year 11 topics”

Maths: Year 6 topics

Here are the list of topics you can expect your child cover in maths during year 6: Place values and number sense Place values Convert between place values Compare numbers up to millions Word names for numbers Roman numerals Rounding Even and odd arithmetic patterns Understanding integers Compare integers Put integers in order Geometry Lines,Continue reading “Maths: Year 6 topics”

Maths: Year 5 topics

Find out what topics your child will likely learn during year 5: Number sense Place values Convert between place values Word names for numbers Ordinal numbers to 100th Roman numerals Prime and composite numbers Rounding Even and odd Inequalities with number lines Compare numbers up to five digits Addition Add numbers up to five digitsContinue reading “Maths: Year 5 topics”

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