Playing maths games can help your child understand maths

Ever wonder how you could get your child to be more interested in maths? Every child has a natural affinity towards maths or English. If maths is no problem for your child, then hats off to you. But for those who struggle to even understand the simplest maths concepts, it can be quite crushing. IfContinue reading “Playing maths games can help your child understand maths”

When using a private tutor isn’t worth it

This can be an emotional topic for many and, sometimes, the truth really does hurt, so brace yourself. A private tutor has many roles these days. Mainly it’s the impart at ion of knowledge on a subject or a group of subjects to a learner. But the other roles are often not realised by parents.

How to create a positive learning environment in your home

Learning to study can come as a bit of shock to children when they realise that life isn’t all about drawing pictures, colouring in, and playing. By the time your child reaches Year 2, they should be used to sitting down and doing some work. If they aren’t here are some tips to help youContinue reading “How to create a positive learning environment in your home”

When to start preparing a child for the Kent or Bexley grammar school exams

Are you hoping for your child to get into a grammar school, following the Kent or Bexley grammar school exams (also known as selection tests)? There’s nothing worse than seeing a child who has a lot of potential become a nervous wreck because they haven’t been given enough time to comfortably prepare for exams.