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August 26, 2015

Does your child need a maths tutor to help them with the new maths GCSE?

The new GCSE maths is harder than before – if your child has always struggled with maths, or is demotivated when it comes to working on maths, then you may need to look for a maths tutor.

Year 10 children did not get into a panic about it for no good reason. But the fact is, with sufficient knowledge and practice, you can easily get an 8 or 9. Read More

August 23, 2015

Maths tutor needed! Does your child need a an extra push?

A ‘maths tutor needed’ sign comes when your child starts to hate maths, or is dragging behind the rest of the class. In an ideal situation, you’ll have picked up on the cues before it gets that far, but sometimes, it can snowball, and the odd comment from their class teacher ends in a report that shows your childhas either slipped back or not made any progress at all. Read More