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August 23, 2015

Maths tutor needed! Does your child need a an extra push?

A ‘maths tutor needed’ sign comes when your child starts to hate maths, or is dragging behind the rest of the class. In an ideal situation, you’ll have picked up on the cues before it gets that far, but sometimes, it can snowball, and the odd comment from their class teacher ends in a report that shows your childhas either slipped back or not made any progress at all. Read More

August 23, 2015

Looking for an 11-plus tutor in Bromley?

Are you looking for an academic 11-plus tutor in the Bromley area to prepare your child for the Kent or Bexley grammar tests? Are you looking for a tutor who can get your child ready to sit 11-plus exams at an independent school? Whatever your need, Geek School offers specialist tuition for the 11-plus and grammar tests, and we are based in Bromley and Sydenham.

With students coming from Downham, Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Oprington ad even as far as Biggin Hill, we must be doing something right – and our results speak for themselves. In the 2015 Bexley Selective Tests, we had the highest scorer – that’s very impressive, considering there were more than 5,000 children sitting the exams.

What to check when looking for an 11-plus tutor in Bromley

Finding a good tutor in Bromley, who has a clear understanding of the demands of the 11-plus, and who is able to equip your child with the right tools to pass can be a challenge for many. Most parents feel relieved when they get in touch with Geek School, as they find that professionalism and a true understanding of these exams is just a bonus.

This year, Geek School graduates have gained entry into Chislehurst and Sidcup grammar school, Dartford Grammar, Beths Grammar, St Dunstans and Colfes.

Based in Downham, Bromley, we are just 10-15 mins away from Bromley Central by car, in a safe residential area that has free parking. We are the secret weapon of a lot of children in the Bromley area, with children coming from both state and private schools in the Bromley and Lewisham boroughs.

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Geek School is Ofsted registered, DBS checks (formerly CRB) is a requirement of this process, and it is carried out through the same system that is used in schools and nurseries, so you can have peace of mind.

We would love to hear from you – get in touch today.

February 4, 2015

Playing maths games can help your child understand maths

Ever wonder how you could get your child to be more interested in maths?

Every child has a natural affinity towards maths or English. If maths is no problem for your child, then hats off to you. But for those who struggle to even understand the simplest maths concepts, it can be quite crushing. If you’ve tried everything you can to help your child to understand maths to no avail, why not try some maths games? Read More

January 18, 2015

When using a private tutor isn’t worth it

This can be an emotional topic for many and, sometimes, the truth really does hurt, so brace yourself.

A private tutor has many roles these days. Mainly it’s the impart at ion of knowledge on a subject or a group of subjects to a learner. But the other roles are often not realised by parents. Read More