I’m Worried My Child Has Fallen Behind. Is it Too Late to Prepare a Child in Year 5 for the 11 Plus?

Is it too late to prepare for the 11 Plus? It is a question that has been asked by many parents who state their concerns about the impact that the Lockdown has had on their child’s 11 Plus preparation.

11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything

Speed – the Key to 11 Plus Exam Success? Speed and accuracy are essential for 11 Plus exam success. Many children fail the exam because they do not finish the paper – it is not just because children do not have the knowledge to pass.   In terms of speed, the 11 Plus exams canContinue reading “11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything”

The Geek School Six-Week 11+ Revision Guide

Preparing for the 11 Plus exams, be it grammar school selection tests like the Kent or Bexley tests, or for independent schools can be a stressful process for children and parents alike. Some parents are often (wrongly) under the impression that children work well under pressure. However, research tells us that strategies that induce stressContinue reading “The Geek School Six-Week 11+ Revision Guide”

11 Plus Preparation During the Coronavirus Lockdown

At this time, the only exams that may not be significantly affected by the school closures in England are the grammar school and independent school entrance exams.

Even if this is the case, it is likely that the 11 Plus tests may still go ahead because schools may well have resumed by September, the month in which the grammar school selection tests take place. Independent school entrance exams start anywhere from late October.

Is it essential, therefore that all Year 5 children who are preparing for the 11 Plus (and children preparing for the 10 and 13 Plus) exams continue to work consistently and make use of their time out of school to perfect their skills.