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    Creative Writing Course for Children (Including for the 11 Plus Tests)

The ability to write is an important skill that children need throughout their primary and secondary school education. However, 25% of children leave school without the ability to do this.

It can be heartbreaking to meet adults who struggle to write – not because they haven’t been to school, but because they have never been given the time to get a good grasp of writing essentials. If you’ve ever received a poorly written email or text message, you’ll understand what I mean. You may have even seen in on social media – poor spelling, poor grammar, and it sticks out more than even the most viral of posts.

Over the years, I have noticed that many children don’t know how to write appropriately – in a structural sense. These days, children don’t read as much as they should.

Before the emergence of technology, reading was a common pastime amongst children, but I hear parents complaining about how difficult it can be to encourage their child to read because of technological distractions. Gadgets, it seems, have taken over the free time of many children!

Many children struggle to come up with ideas when writing, they struggle with basic grammar rules and don’t seem to have a framework to work with when writing. It’s a cumulative effect of many issues, which is I created the Creative Writing Crash Course for Children.

The issues are consistent across primary and secondary school children. Parents often think that their child’s school is doing everything but get a shock when their child either fails an exam or mock or when they decide to help them do some extra work for a test or school project.

If this sounds like your child, and you want a tried and tested, and successful solution that will get the job done, enrol your child on the Creative Writing Crash Course for Children. This course is modelled on the standard required for the 11 Plus, so it will work wonders for the advancement of your child’s writing.