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Simple tips and tricks to help your child nail the 11 Plus essay! Try the free course to get an idea of what the paid courses are like before you buy!

  • Is your child preparing for a grammar school or an independent (private) school exam soon?
  • Are you worried that your child’s essays will be a letdown in their 11 plus exams?
  • Does your child struggle to get inspiration for story writing ideas?
  • Does your child have a poor grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar?
  • Don’t worry – you’re not on your own!

These are just some of the challenges that many parents contact Geek School Tutoring about… and I’ve helped many, many students overcome some of the pitfalls when completing the writing task in their exams and pass with flying colours.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed primarily at children who are preparing for the 11 Plus tests (grammar band independent schools), however, most of the content is transferable so if you’re an older child preparing for different exams, this will help you, too.

Why Choose this Course?

Apart from the fact that this is an online course – and we know how much children love technology these days – it’s written by someone who knows what your child is going through.

Writing isn’t covered nearly as much in schools as other parts of the curriculum; and if your child attends a state school, their focus will be on preparing your child for the SATs in Year 6 – not grammar or independent school exams. So, a course like this, and the others offered by Geek School Tutoring is a must for children prepping for these exams.

How Long Does The Course Last?

If your child takes a module in this course every day, the course will be complete within a week. But the best part is that the course really will transform your child’s writing.

As schools focus on so many other areas of work, and not so much on creative writing, a lot of the guidance in the course will be the catalyst needed to improve your child’s writing. The videos are child-friendly, informative but impactful. They get the key messages about creative writing straight to your child in an impactful way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child’s writing will change.

What to Expect from this Course

This is a course that I’ve put together to help children quickly become aware of their writing, how to make sure they have structured their work for success, and how to spot mistakes in their work – before the examiners do.

The course is delivered in bite-sized videos, which are concise – so short they won’t even realise they are learning! Each video is accompanied with supporting materials that your child can use to take their knowledge to the next level.


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